Custom Plaques Make Very Special Gifts

Antique, time-honored family cutlery combined with a few classic costume jewelry pieces create very unique and personal gifts. Custom plaques such as these can be gifted at weddings, births or given as a tribute to a loved one.

These three designs were commissioned by siblings after the passing of their mother. The silver to create these plaques had been used at countless family gatherings and special occasions for generations. Now it hangs as a tribute to a great lady, a wonderful hostess and a loving mother.

Whitaker Serving Spoon
Whitaker Serving Spoon
Whitaker Cameo
Whitaker Cameo
Whitaker Three Spoon
Whitaker Three Spoon

Published by bamayesed

Creator of FancyFlatware. The world is better with a little more bling.

One thought on “Custom Plaques Make Very Special Gifts

  1. What a beautiful tribute. Your work is stunning and sometimes I like to browse this site just to enjoy the beauty. It makes me happy, and when an artist’s creations make people happy it simply makes the world a better place.

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