My Favorites

damask pearl cabinet
place setting (one of my first designs) (sold)
cabinet arrangement five (sold)
three spoon screen (sold)
antique cabinet spoons (sold)
green onsie
cabinet spoons (sold)
vandy three (sold)
peace fork (sold)
peace fork 2 (sold)
five cabinet spoons (one of my largest pieces) (sold)
music mask
queen spoon (sold)
weathered spoon screen (sold)
metallic face (sold)
spoon eyes (my favorite small piece) (sold)
three fancy spoons (sold)
six spoon bling (another large piece) (sold)
St. Joe (sold)

Published by bamayesed

Creator of FancyFlatware. The world is better with a little more bling.

10 thoughts on “My Favorites

  1. They are beautiful! You have made them your own. Congratulations on this wonderful new artistic expression.

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