mountain spoon flowers

mountain spoon flowers

I love jewelry. Not just the expensive stuff, but all kinds of metallic baubles full of sparkle and shine. Ask any of my friends. I wear it, buy it, create it, tear it apart and redo it. I even hang some on my walls.

Fancy Flatware began one rainy afternoon as I noticed how shiny my Grandmother’s vintage travel spoons looked as they hung in their display in my kitchen. I thought how nice they would be if they just had a little more bling.

I guess you could say, I was born to bling.

16 comments on “Home

  1. Twana Roberts says:

    Love my Fancyflatware! Each piece is uniquely handcrafted! I will surely pass on to my daughters!

  2. Beverly!
    Stop by the “O”Gallery Arcade for the Art Crawl this Saturday March 7th 6-9pm,
    We spoke about your show at Art Crawl.
    If you interested, please come , let’s talk.
    Olga Alexeeva

  3. LOVE your work! I, too, was born to bling!!!

  4. Susie says:

    Hey Beverly,
    I think it is wonderful that a talent that you already had…has been brought to reality! You are such a lovely, bubbly, person, who deserves nothing less than the best! I want to view some of your work! So glad your up and running with this clever, bling stuff!! Best wishes to great business!
    with love,
    Susie Lenon

  5. Jeff Roach says:

    Bev this your best stuff yet!!!!

  6. Julie says:

    I am speechless-and you know that is tough for me. I simply LOVE these Beverly. You are great.

  7. shelly watts says:


  8. bamayesed says:

    Thanks Janet. Good to hear from you.

  9. Janet Avallone says:

    Hi Beverly! Cool stuff! Nice to see your work after all these years. 😉

  10. amy says:

    Hi Bev- your new stuff is awesome!

  11. bamayesed says:

    thanks for checking me out. good luck at your show this weekend.

  12. Lindsey Brothers says:

    LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! and LOVE YOU!!! LOOKS GREAT! -linds and susie:)

  13. Maribeth says:

    WOW these are fantastic!!!

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